Anka is an entertaining hidden object and puzzle game for your kids
3.9  (80 votes)

Anka is an entertaining adventure game full of challenging puzzles. I don't think it can catch the interest of adults, but kids will surely like it. The aim of the game is to help a young boy, named Anka, to find his parents, who didn't return to their house in the forest from the town.

At first, Anka should perform the tasks his parents gave him. But when he realizes that his parents have gone, he acts on his own authority and faces murky circumstances. Playing as Anka, you will set to various challenges and play numerous mini games like jigsaws,mixed words, mahjong, and many more. When a mini game is unlocked, it is available outside the main adventure so you will be able to enjoy it anytime you want. Also, during the gameplay, you will learn amazing facts when answering Anka's questions.

The game offers interesting gameplay, nice-voiced dialogues, pleasant background music, and animated characters. However, for players preferring fast gameplay, the game can seem to be a little bit tiresome because of limited hints for a task and a lack of help info on how to perform some tasks; you can get stuck in some locations for quite a long.

To conclude, it is a brain teasing game for your kids, playing which your children will learn interesting facts and develop logical thinking. Still, it involves some patience.

Andrew Do
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  • Nice animated characters
  • Brain teasing puzzles
  • Lots of mini games
  • Helps to develop logical thinking


  • Limited hints for a task
  • Not enough help info on how to perform some tasks, you can get stuck in some locations for quite a long
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